1. Delivery

1.1 Once you have paid for the goods in full (including the cost of shipping and any customisation), and the funds have cleared, ANNA QUAN will arrange for delivery of the purchased goods to the location specified by you.

1.2 You must ensure that any person who receives the goods at the specified delivery location is authorised by you to receive the goods.

1.3 The estimated time for delivery of your goods will be:



Estimated time for delivery*


metropolitan area of an Australian capital city

3 business days


rural area of Australia

5 business days


all other locations

3-5 business days

* Any customisation (such as monogramming) may alter the delivery window. Please contact for further information.

1.4 ANNA QUAN will use its best endeavours to ensure that goods are delivered by the estimated date of delivery, but this is not a guarantee – ANNA QUAN accepts no liability for any loss or cost to you if there is a delay in delivery for any reason.

Risk and title in the goods shall pass to you upon receipt of payment for the goods by ANNA QUAN.